Who, what and when.


My first article was published in 1998 in a small English-language newspaper called The Vienna Reporter, followed an article in its larger rival paper, Austria Today.


After joining the National Union of Journalists in 2000, I began cutting my teeth as a researcher and writer in London and Vienna. This involved work for BBC Online, the London-based business intelligence site, Netimperative, and the British press agency, Central European News.

When I later took the plunge and became a freelance journalist, where I wrote regularly on expatriate issues for Expatica and the Expat Living section of The Telegraph group's international publication, The Weekly Telegraph. 


In 2003, I moved to Germany and began a mixture of freelance work, specialising in research, article writing, voiceovers and English-language training. 


This involved writing for mainstream and specialist newspapers, magazines and websites which included everything from The Telegraph to The Lancet, The Catholic Herald to Woman magazine. I also also occasionally narrated corporate films and documentaries. 

From northern Germany I now provide news articles, research and stringer / "fixer" services to mainstream British print and digital press such as The Times, The Daily Mail, Mail Online, The Lancet, The Mirror, The Sunday Mirror, The Jewish Chronicle, The Daily Express, The Daily Record and The Sun.


I also write for trade publications such as Bolted and The Volvo Group magazine, and provide English-language training services to media workers and other professionals.