Today I write for (mostly British) newspapers such as The Times, The Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, The Mirror, The Sunday Mirror, The Sun and others.



Specialist titles:
I also write for specialist publications such as The Lancet and trade magazines such as Bolted, The Volvo Group Magazine and others.


Stringer / "Fixer Services":
I also have journalistic research, writing and stringer / "fixer" services for newspapers. These include The Times, The Daily Mail, Mail Online, The Jewish Chronicle, The Mirror, The Sunday Mirror and The Sun.


Investigative Journalism:
I also offer investigative research for journalists writing a book.



So far this has included topics such as the involvement of Austrian movers and shakers in US financial scandals, issues of factory farming in Germany and Switzerland, and the Madeleine McCann case (with a focus on the German investigation).



Since Germany announced its suspect in the Madeleine McCann case, I have been working on it a lot.


This includes working as a stringer / "fixer" for The Daily Mail, The Sunday Mirror, The Mirror, The Olive Press and I have also done background research for The Sun.