Starting off

Rob Hyde's first article was published in 1998. This was in a small English-language newspaper called The Vienna Reporter. He later began to write for its larger rival paper, Austria Today.


After a post-graduate course in periodical journalism at the London College of Communication, Rob joined the British National Union of Journalists (NUJ).


He then began as a researcher and writer. In London this involved work for BBC Online’s ‘German Fix’ language learning channel, and the business intelligence site, Netimperative.

Rob then returned to Austria to work for Central European News in Vienna. This agency  supplied news to media in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Going freelance 


Rob later became a freelancer. Here he wrote regularly on expatriate issues for Expatica and The Weekly Telegraph.

In 2003 Rob moved to Germany. Here he began a mixture of journalism work and English-language training work.


Over the years Rob has had articles published in mainstream and specialist publications. These have included The Telegraph, The Lancet, The Catholic Herald to Professional Builder and Woman magazine. He also had articles published in The Times and The Times Educational Supplement.  Rob also occasionally narrated corporate films and documentaries.



Today Rob Hyde provides journalistic writing, research and stringer / "fixer" services to mainstream British newspapers. These include The Times, The Daily Mail, Mail Online, The Mirror, The Sunday Mirror and The Sun.

This year Rob has done a lot of work on the German dimensions to the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Maddie McCann. In Germany this case is being treated as a murder investigation. Here he has worked as a stringer / "fixer" for The Daily Mail, The Sunday Mirror and The Mirror, and conducted background research for The Sun.

He has also done one piece-to-camera for the German channel, Weserbergland Nachrichten, and been interviewed on the German news chanels Spiegel TV and RTL. 

Rob also writes for trade publications such as Bolted, Evolution and The Volvo Group magazine